What do I need from you to draw your house?  

 Good quality photos that show the details of your home.  It’s good to use a good camera, no Polaroids, please!    I will need several photos!  Digital photos are ok, as long as they are of high quality.  I need to zoom in on details and if all I can see are pixels, that’s not good.  Try not to use a fish-eye lens – it distorts the lines of the house.

You are very familiar with your home.  I am not, so the more I can see the better I can represent your house.


Take a photo of the view you want your drawing to look like.  Mark it with an X on the back of the photo. Include the top of the roof and the bottom of the house, as well as both ends of the house.  I don’t have much imagination so I can’t add what’s not there.  
Take some more photos of details of the house.  Stand in the same spot you did when taking your main photo and Zoom in on the details, ie. The Door, windows, porch, trim, dental work, etc.  It is important that you stand in the same spot to keep the perspective the same.
If you can not get all of the house in one shot, stand with your feet still and move from the waist to the left or right to take the next photo.   When the photos are printed, they can be connected to show the whole house and fit together.


Sample of photographs which could be made better.

http://jdool.com/sample1a.jpg (32943 bytes)

The trees are blocking house, can not see much of the house, no entrance.  
Dark picture, no detail pictures were included.

http://jdool.com/sample2.jpg (28500 bytes)

Slightly different view, but still can not see the house.  May need to wait until winter, when leaves have fallen from the trees. I would also need a close up view of the entire house. Not so much of the neighbor's house on the right.

http://jdool.com/sample3.jpg (25834 bytes)

Photo too far away, too much of the house is in shade, can not see much detail of the house. Nice view, but need more photos to show closer view and more photos of door and windows. Car needs to be moved before taking the photo!

Photos like this should be included with your group of photos, even though it is dark, it is still useful to me. Use a flash to take the closeup photo of the house to get the porch & side details.

http://jdool.com/sample4.jpg (55128 bytes)

Taken at a strange eye-level, possibly with a wide-angle lens. You can see that it is too dark in the areas that need to be drawn, like the porch and steps.  Can't see much of anything.



http://jdool.com/front1a.jpg (25134 bytes)

This is a good clear photo, but if there are trees blocking the view of windows or doors move around a bit to make sure that the tree doesn’t block the entrance to the house.  Move left and right to move the view of the tree in regard to the entrance.

http://jdool.com/front3b.jpg (20742 bytes)

Solution was to move over to the right and retake photo to show full entrance.
Include all photo view, but mark one as the chosen view.
If the tree blocks something, let it be the windows not the door.

http://jdool.com/house2a2.jpg (60952 bytes)

Because of the snow, you can not see the roof line. Photo is off center, but not all that bad.
Can not see the door or windows showing the panes.  This is where closeups help.