Lewis Dool Family 1837-1904
Ireland - Philadelphia, PA


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 Lewis Dool is my Great, Great Grandfather - shown here on the right.  His father was Hugh Dool, from Ireland and mother's name was Ann. His name was probably "HUGH" LEWIS and he must have dropped the 'Hugh" in later years.  He was married to Mary Ann Emery on January 31, 1859 under the name of Mr. 'Hugh' Dool. Census records have him listed as Lewis or Louis from 1860 forward to 1900.

Hugh [Sr] was listed in both the 1840 and 1850 Census:  here is the 1850 Census Record:

1850 Census - Cedar Ward, Phila. Pa. [birth years are from subtracting ages from 1850) Ages are a bit off. But then, Census Takers sometimes made mistakes.

Dwelling Unit 1104
Family No. 1888
Hugh age 46 Born Ireland 1804
Ann age 45 Born Ireland 1805
James age 22 Born Ireland 1828
John age 20 Born Ireland 1830
Joseph age 15 Born Ireland 1835
Hugh age 12 Born Ireland 1838 (Lewis)
Robert age 6 Born Canada 1844

We had thought that Lewis was born in Canada E, but the census' are split - 2 say he was born in Ireland and 2 say Canada E. Will have to do more research one day.  

Lewis worked for Cramps Shipyard in Philadelphia, PA, as a Rigger, and lived in the Port Richmond and Kensington, sections of Philadelphia, for all of his life. He lived on Tilton St., Cumberland St., E. Thompson St., Ann St. and was living on Clearfield St, when he died of Pneumonia in 1904.

Lewis and Mary had 15 children. In 1900  Census, 10 were living.  Mary Ann was from England. In the 1860 Census it shows her parents living next door to them. {Robert and Sarah Emory Emery}

MY greatgrand father was also, Lewis, and is pictured to the right. He served as a Fireman for the City of Philadelphia, I think in Bridesburg.  Lewis, the fireman, married Ida Lamb of Philadelphia. Her father was Reuben Lamb, soldier in Phila. 72nd Regiment of the Union Army, Civil War. Her mother was Mary Jane McCauley.

My cousin, Fritz Merkh (grandson of George Lewis Dool) has given me the following information about Lewis:

Lewis Dool, second from left Bridesburg Firehouse, Phila., PA

"He went to Baltimore with his horse drawn pumper on a train flat car when they had their famous fire. The family  lived in one of the homes right behind the station house, in Bridesburg. Firemen worked a 23 hour shift. He was one of the first paid fireman in the city. He worked as volunteer at first; Chestnut St. was the dividing line between north and south. When a fire call  went out on Chestnut St., many times the firemen would get in to fist fights to decide who would get to put out the fire. He also played short stop for the Philadelphia. "A"'s . After retiring he would never celebrate Christmas, instead he would give out New Year's presents, this was done for two reasons . One [reason] was that with a small pension, the after Christmas sales made it possible; and  the main reason was that every Christmas, while he was working,  not one [Christmas] passed that he did not have to carry a dead child out -- due to candles on the trees".

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Lewis Dool, second from Left - Bridesburg Firehouse, Phila., PA

Wilbur Short Dool, was my Grandfather, he is pictured below beside his Carpenter's Truck. He also lived in Port Richmond on Mercer Street and was, of course, a Carpenter.

My grandfather married Catherine Lee  and they had 3 children:  

Catherine, Wilbur and George


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Catherine (Cass) Dool

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My  Dad, Wilbur Short Dool, Jr. was born July 31, 1917 and died July 3, 1998

about a month after their 56th Wedding Anniversary.

U.S. NAVY, Retired CWO4

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He was a good and loving husband, father, grandfather and Gt. Grandfather. He is greatly missed.

Descendants of Hugh Dool
[death dates shown here may actually be burial dates on some Dool family members]

Generation No. 1

1. HUGH DOOL was born 1804 in Ireland. He married ANN in Ireland. She was born 1801 in Ireland, and died April 28, 1865 in Philadelphia , Pa..

Children of HUGH DOOL and ANN are:
i. JAMES DOOL, b. 1825, Ireland; d. April 27, 1880, Philadelphia , Pa.; m. ALICE.
ii. JOSEPH DOOL. b. 1835 Ireland
iii. JOHN DOOL. b. 1830 Ireland
iv. "HUGH" LEWIS DOOL, b. March 1837, Canada E or Ireland.; d. November 22, 1904, Philadelphia, Pa.
v. ROBERT DOOL. b. 1844, Canada

Generation No. 2

2. "HUGH" LEWIS DOOL was born March 1837 in Canada E or Ireland., and died November 22, 1904 in Philadelphia, Pa. He married MARY ANN EMORY January 31, 1859 in First Presbyterian church, Kensington, Philadelphia, Pa, daughter of ROBERT EMORY and SARAH FRANCIS. She was born December 23, 1841 in England, and died February 11, 1918 in Philadelphia , Pa..

Children of "HUGH" DOOL and MARY EMORY are:
i. MARY E DOOL, b. 1859.
ii. KATE DOOL, b. 1861.
iii. ELIZABETH DOOL, b. 1863, Philadelphia, Pa; d. February 17, 1876, Philadelphia, Pa.
iv. LEWIS DOOL, b. 1866, Philadelphia , Pa.; d. August 30, 1940, Phila State Hospital, Philadelphia , Pa..
v. ANNA DOOL, b. 1870, Philadelphia , Pa.; d. March 31, 1871, Philadelphia , Pa..
vi. SAMUEL DOOL, b. 1872; d. October 01, 1954, Box 173 Moorestown, N.J..
vii. SARAH DOOL, b. 1875.
viii. JOSEPH DOOL, b. December 27, 1877, Philadelphia , Pa.; d. April 20, 1917, Philadelphia , Pa..
ix. GEORGE W. DOOL, b. 1879.
x. FRANK MERRIHEW DOOL, b. March 01, 1881; d. December 24, 1903, Philadelphia, PA
xi. EMORY DOOL, b. 1883.
xii. WILLIAM DOOL, b. 1887, Philadelphia , Pa..

Generation No. 3

3. MARY E DOOL ("HUGH" LEWIS, HUGH) was born 1859. She married
    LEWIS OWENS. He was born 1859.

Child of MARY DOOL and LEWIS OWENS is:
i. MARY E4 OWENS, b. 1879.

4. LEWIS DOOL ("HUGH" LEWIS, HUGH) was born 1866 in Philadelphia , Pa., and died August 30, 1940 in Phila State Hospital, Philadelphia , Pa.. He married IDA DAVIS LAMB 1885 in Philadelphia , Pa., daughter of REUBEN LAMB and MARY MCCAULEY. She was born March 12, 1865 in Philadelphia , Pa., and died July 18, 1921 in Philadelphia , Pa..
Children of LEWIS DOOL and IDA LAMB are:
i. LEWIS L DOOL, b. April 15, 1886, Philadelphia , Pa.; d. November 18, 1889, Philadelphia , Pa..
ii. HENRY L. DOOL, b. August 18, 1888, Philadelphia , Pa.; d. August 26, 1906.
iii. ELWOOD DOOL, b. August 08, 1890, Philadelphia , Pa.; d. November 11, 1894, Philadelphia , Pa..
iv. WILBUR SHORT DOOL, b. January 06, 1893, Philadelphia , Pa.; d. February 12, 1968, Philadelphia , Pa..
v. IDA DOOL, b. June 21, 1899, Philadelphia , Pa.; d. December 30, 1966, Brigantine, NJ.
vi. GEORGE LEWIS DOOL, b. August 25, 1905, Philadelphia , Pa.; d. March 01, 1979, Marlton, New Jersey.

5. SAMUEL DOOL ("HUGH" LEWIS, HUGH) was born 1872, and died October 01, 1954 in Moorestown, N.J.. He married ANNIE KLOSE. She was born January 01, 1873, and died October 22, 1900 in Philadelphia , Pa..

Children of SAMUEL DOOL and ANNIE KLOSE are:
i. SAMUEL DOOL, JR., b. November 09, 1895, Philadelphia, Pa; d. March 07, 1968, Phila. Pa; m. GERTRUDE FORD; b. January 01, 1901; d. September 16, 1958, Moorestown, N.J...
ii. LOUIS DOOL, b. 1900, Philadelphia , Pa.; d. November 17, 1942, Philadelphia , Pa..

6. WILLIAM DOOL ("HUGH" LEWIS, HUGH) was born 1887 in Philadelphia , Pa.. He married FLORENCE. She was born 1886 in Philadelphia , Pa..

i. FLORENCE M.4 DOOL, b. January 14, 1920, Philadelphia , Pa..

Generation No. 4

7. WILBUR SHORT DOOL (LEWIS, "HUGH" LEWIS, HUGH) was born January 06, 1893 in Philadelphia , Pa., and died February 12, 1968 in Philadelphia , Pa.. He married CATHERINE LEE July 02, 1914 in Baltimore, Maryland, daughter of JOHN LEE and MARY CULLNAN. She was born August 09, 1889 in Philadelphia , Pa., and died July 04, 1974 in Bristol, Pa..

Children of WILBUR DOOL and CATHERINE LEE are:

i. CATHERINE DOOL, b. September 24, 1915, Philadelphia , Pa.;
    m. RAYMOND MCAFEE FARIES, January 1942, Philadelphia , Pa.; b. February 16, 1918, Chester, Pa.; d. Whitpain, Township;.
ii. WILBUR SHORT JR. DOOL, b. July 31, 1917, Philadelphia , Pa.; d. July 03, 1998, Va Beach, Va;
    m. EMMA O. BETCHER, June 06, 1942, Philadelphia , Pa.; b. September 10, 1921, Bristol, Conn..
iii. GEORGE DOOL, b. October 26, 1919, Philadelphia , Pa.; m. MARGARET EGLOFF, Philadelphia , Pa..

8. IDA DOOL (LEWIS, "HUGH" LEWIS, HUGH) was born June 21, 1899 in Philadelphia , Pa., and died December 25, 1966 in Brigantine, NJ. She married
    ALFRED MARTIN, SR.. He was born 1894, and died January 22, 1980.

Children of IDA DOOL and ALFRED MARTIN are:


9. GEORGE LEWIS DOOL (LEWIS, "HUGH" LEWIS, HUGH) was born August 25, 1905 in Philadelphia , Pa., and died March 01, 1979 in Marlton, New Jersey. He married CATHERINE SHANNON.
     m. FRITZ MERKH.

There are many Dool Family members living in Canada, especially in the Bishops Mills, Ontario area, and Kempville, Ottawa, and in Texas, and in the mid west. But I can't make the connection yet. My grandfather always told us that "all Dools are related, somehow". For years, we thought that we were the 'Only' Dools, but found out that there are many.  The Dools were supposed to have come from Scotland to Antrim, Ireland to Canada and some of them to the United States.